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New features added to Freight Oz

24/04/2022 - Added city to city & radius search functionality

28/01/2022 - Consignments now expire after 3 weeks

Consignments will now be marked as expired after 3 weeks

22/01/2022 - Quote notification popup

Now freight operators can see new consignment popups displayed on the site

15/01/2022 - Update service area and radius

Now Transport Operators can easily update their service area and service radius area from their account settings, transport operators must be logged in. click here to access your account settings.

11/01/2022 - New quoting system added for Transport Operators

Now Transport Operators can quote directly from the consignment, requesting more details, sending quote value or sending their own email.

08/01/2022 - Added postcode & radius filter for Transport Operators

Now Transport Operators can filter by freight type, postcode and radius (km) from postcode – try it out here https://freightoz.com.au/user-consignments-postcode-filter/?search_form=1#1649729844317-b48c45bb-6296

07/01/2022 - Premium operators can now send quotes or request information directly from consignment

Premium operators can now view consignments and quote directly from Freight Oz

07/01/2022 - Sticky menu added for mobile users

A sticky menu has been added for mobile users, this is hidden when scrolling and appears when the user scrolls up.

06/01/2022 - Load more added to Transport Operator Hub

All consignment can now be found loaded into the Transport Operator Hub, a load more button has been added so that Transport Operators can load the latest consignments.

05/01/2022 - Consignment search has been added to Freight Oz

Premium Transport Operators can now search consignments by freight type + city or post code, the seach functionality is located under the header throughout the site or on the Transport Operator’s Hub here

04/01/2022 - Add more freight types has been added

Add more freight types has been added to the user consignment page here.

02/01/2022 - Transport Operator Hub added

This features allows transport operators an all in one place to navigate Freight Oz easily and also find consignments that suit their requirments with ease. Transport Operators can access the hub from the main menu or click here.

02/01/2022 - Pagination added to user consignments & state to state filter

This feature dramatically decreases the load time of filter function pages, allow Transport Operators faster loading pages

20/12/2021 - State to State advanced filtering has now been added for Transport Operators

Premium operators can now access state to state advanced filtering by entering the freight type they would like to service and the “from” and “to” state – try it out here (https://freightoz.com.au/user-consignments-advanced-filter)

15/12/2021 - New e-mail format added for consignment alerts

This will allow us more control over how e-mails are sent to you so that you get the alerts you need.