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About Us


Freight Oz Australia is an exciting new way to interact with Transport Operators with one click of your mouse you can notify many transport companies that you have freight to send FREE OF CHARGE. No more hours wasted trying to obtain pricing and availability, the interested transport operators will contact you directly and you can discuss your requirements directly with them with no third party involvement. When you have advertised your consignment you can get on with other important matters in your life and not waste time and money on chasing a result. Many transport operators are always searching for back-loads so that they don’t have to run back to home base with no freight. By using Freight Oz Australia, people can possibly find a transport operator who is looking for freight from your area to home base and will be only too happy to transport your freight for a discounted price. Owner drivers and small companies are always looking for freight and very often do not have the resources to advertise their services. By using Freight Oz Australia people have the opportunity to be able to let them know that they have freight to send.



Freight Oz Australia is not a transport company or a freight forwarder there is NO CHARGE FOR BASIC MEMBERS to use the website. Transport operators are free to contact freight advertisers to discuss their requirements and arrange pricing directly with the advertiser. NO commissions or fees of any kind are payable to Freight Oz Australia or any other party. By using Freight Oz Australia transport operators can access many potential customers and as a result can potentially locate full loads, top up consignments and back loading all FREE OF CHARGE. Become a premium member and for a small fee be automatically notified of available consignments and be listed on the advertiser’s advertisement confirmation email thereby greatly increasing your profile and the opportunity for extra business.



Freight Oz Australia is not liable and does not intend to be responsible for the outcome of any interaction from parties as a result of this website. Freight Oz Australia aims to keep all the content on this website as accurate as possible but is not liable for any loss which may come about as a result of this site. Please Note: Use of this website is conditional on the grounds that user accounts, logins and any data entered on the website are made in good faith and are made in the community spirit for which the site was intended. Freight Oz Australia reserves the right to delete any data, user accounts, logins and its associated data at any time without the need to show cause.