Will I be charged a fee for advertising my freight ?
No there is no charge for advertising your freight

I am a transport operator will I be charged a fee for contacting people and arranging to transport their advertised freight
Freight Oz does not charge any fee for providing leads to Transport Operators,there are no hidden charges

I am a transport operator why should I become a Premium user
If you decide to become a PREMIUM USER you will not have to constantly check the web site for potential consignments. You will automatically receive notifications of available freight in your chosen categories without having to check the site. You will have a potential advantage over your competitors by receiving information instantaneously !! Your company Details (including a direct link to your company web site) will also be displayed on the potential customers freight advertisement confirmation email giving you an increased Profile and greater chance of successfully gaining more business.

I am a premium user and wish to cancel my subscription
In the EDIT MY ACCOUNT information there is a button that will allow you to cancel your subscription, this will deactivate your account and remove all features you may be receiving.

Is FREIGHT OZ a transport company

Is FREIGHT OZ a freight forwarder

Is FREIGHT OZ involved with any interaction between the transport operator and the person advertising their freight

How do I arrange to advertise on FREIGHT OZ.
Click on the contact link at the top of the home page and tell us what you require and we will contact you To discuss pricing

I have tried to advertise my freight but have not received an activation email
Please contact FREIGHT OZ via the contact link at the top of homepage

I have been contacted by several transport companies and have arranged transport of my freight and I Do not wish to advertise my freight anymore.
Click on the GREEN FREE QUOTES button on the homepage,on the right of the displayed page you will
See YOUR FREIGHT ITEMS enter your email address and click FIND and delete your consignment

I have advertised my freight but the picture I submitted did not appear?
The file was possibly too large for publication you will have to resize the picture